Loudspeaker surround repair

Worldwide service 

Are the foam or rubber surrounds on your speakers defective? Do you have a pair of speakers that are suffering from defective surrounds after many years of listening pleasure? It is a completely normal phenomenon. – However, the loudspeaker repair should be technically and visually on a par with the original requirements. That is our principle.

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The procedure


Packing & shipping

  • First of all, pack your chassis well for shipping. 
  • You fill out the application form and enclose it with the shipment.

Repair & return shipment

  • Once we arrive, we repair your chassis.
  • Should any unplanned problems arise, we will contact you.
  • After the repair, you will receive the invoice and the return shipment begins.

Install, enjoy & enjoy

  • You reinstall the chassis and enjoy the beautiful sound of your speakers.



We can repair/replace your defective speaker surrounds on request. – We repair your Jamo, JBL, Infinity, B&O, Cervin Wega, EV, Tannoy, Revox, Quadral, Magnat, Canton, Heco, B&W, Bose, – all brands, provided we have the right raw material in stock or can procure it for you at short notice!

The main reason for a speaker surround repair is the excellent sound quality of many speakers from the 80s and 90s. – In most cases, the drivers are still in perfect condition and the speaker cabinets are still too beautiful to have to make way for a new speaker.


Foam has a higher material rigidity than solid rubber, which also has an effect on the sound pressure of your speakers. Although foam becomes brittle after 12-15 years, foam has fundamental advantages. This is why the material is still used today by many manufacturers as the base material for speaker surrounds.

Commission the Sicken-Reparatur.de team 

– Appointment by appointment on site.
– We receive disassembled speakers from all over Germany via DHL in a cardboard box and send your speakers back to your address once they have been repaired. This means you don’t need to transport heavy speaker enclosures. This eliminates the risk of transport damage  and the shipping costs are within the normal range.


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